Now Posting on Tsu Too!

Hey guys, my cover artist, webmaster guy and all around tech guy introduced me to something called Tsu.  It's like Facebook but not.  I don't know what the big difference is but I guess it's the new thing to try so I've actually gone ahead and had a Tsu account created.  I'll still be posting here as well but the format of Tsu is really simple and I like it so far, so you might see more updates there.

You can follow me at and if you want to create an account, you can use my handle, JennaPowersErotica, to get your own account on Tsu. :-)

I've had a couple releases since my last post as well, which I'll be posting about later, right here on this blog.  Until next time! :-)

Busy Busy

It has been a crazy past couple of months as my day job continues to roll on.  I work as an EA and I've strangely been asked to travel with my boss these past months.  Much more difficult to write something naughty on the plane than in the peace and calm of my home. :-)

Nevertheless, I'm still writing and editing.  I need to talk with the guy who does my cover art because he's the computer guy, but I seem to have issues with blogger.  Can't seem to get my actual blog to load!  I can log in and view everything about my site but then, I can't load it.  Based on what Trevon and my friends are telling me, the blog is still working, so... I guess I'll just keep posting until my cover artist can get back to me.

Until next time! ;-)

The Realms of War Trilogy 2 and African Lust Released!

Trevon and I have been pumping out titles recently.  I've been helping him with some editing recently to try to get his hot interracial stories even hotter.  In the interim, I've also gone ahead and pulled the Realms of War 4, 5 and 6 into the second trilogy.

At the same time, Trevon has gone and released a hot little interracial story, African LustWhat's this hot little number about?  Here's the description:

Anne is a nice Southern belle, who's recently relocated to the lush, technological valleys of California with her husband. After finding new friends and neighbors, she joins a group of other housewives who love to travel. They invite her to join them on a trip to Zimbabwe, deep inside Africa. Anne takes a chance and decides to go. Once in Africa, she feels the passionate lust of Africans...

Warning! This 8,760 word erotic story contains explicit scenes of interracial MMM/F action, deep penetration, anal sex with a black man and some gloryhole action between African tribesmen and horny white housewives. Anne experiences a whole new level of pleasure as she tries to handle a group of black men. And with never experiencing a black man, can Anne handle the African lust that burns in her loins? 

Sound tempting?  You can get your hands on it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords today! 

The Realms of War Trilogy 2 can also be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords!

Coach Black is Live!

Trevon Carter, the big black writing machine has released another hot interracial story, called Coach Black. I love his writing style and his hot and horny action. Submissive white women with a powerful black man always gets me nice and wet. It looks like I'll probably have to step up my own writing if I want to write any further interracial stories.  You can, of course, find his hot little book on Amazon at:

And after reading his book, I can't help but grab a big black toy of my own to play around with. I have a nice little vibrator to keep me happy but I couldn't help but notice that Amazon sold dildos. And one of them is an impressive nine inch big black cock dildo! I might have to get the thick toy to help me write. :-) You can find the nice little toy at Amazon:

Lost in the Hood

Trevon Carter's released a new hot interracial story called Lost in the Hood.  It's amazingly hot and features some incredible interracial erotica from the mind of a dirty black man. Here's the hot description for Trevon's intense interracial book:

Erin plans on meeting her boyfriend for a night out on the town but soon ends up in the wrong part of it. Her boyfriend's address to the clubs they want to visit seem off, as she heads into a ghetto part of town. When the cab driver leaves her, Erin is left to fend for herself in a strange, poor part of town. She runs into three big black thugs who are willing to help her... for a price. Can Erin handle the three black thugs when she's lost in the hood?

Warning, this 6,290 word erotic story contains explicit scenes of interracial MMM/F action, and includes deep penetration, and double penetration. Erin has quite the experience as she takes on three big black thugs when she's lost in the hood! 

If you're interested in reading about what happens to Erin, you can find it on Amazon now!

Introducing Trevon Carter

Trevon Carter is a friend of a friend that I've gotten to know.  He writes fantastic, hot, interracial stories that I enjoy.  He knows how to get the juices flowing with his incredible erotica.  I'm helping to publish his stories, as well as editing them, so my own books have been placed slightly on the backburner.

I think I'm going to simmer down on my own interracial stories and let Trevon take on that mantle.  It doesn't mean I'm quitting interracial erotica, it just means I'll be able to expand into my favorite area, fantasy erotica.  I'll be getting him an account so he can post his thoughts later on.

For now, be on the lookout for Confessions of a Black Man, available now!  He's got quite the nasty, sex craving mindset that makes erotica hot.

Happy New Year!

Can't believe it's already been about two years since I first started on this writing adventure.  It's been a wild and wonderful year and I hope I can only keep writing more through 2014!  With the arrival of 2014, I'd also like to announce a small partnership I've formed with a new writer, Trevon Carter.  I'll edit his works while he edits mine.  Hopefully as teh year goes on, I'll be able to find some other authors to help form a little group.  We'll just have to see.

Well, Happy New Year everyone!  I wish everyone the best for 2014!